L7 PRO - 4WD 2023



The L7xl PRO comes built with our most powerful and dependable 694cc EFI commercial-grade engine. This engine is specifically tuned to give you more torque than the rest of the Landmaster lineup. This mean bigger jobs, heavier towing, and more power. Standard, the L7xl Pro comes with our heavy duty LROSS (suspension system), power steering, heavy duty bumper, and an automatic bed lift powering a 50" x 70.5" extra large steel bed. The XL bed also transforms into a flat bed by easily removing the bolts. This makes for a great way to quickly take on and off heavy loads.

The L7xl Pro provides an outstanding ride experience that is attributed to our unique L-ROSS (Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspension System). The L-ROSS works seamlessly together to provide the ultimate SUV-like ride and drive experience. The L7xl Pro, fully loaded can travel over large bumps, rocks, uneven terrain and small barriers without compromising your overall ride experience.

The L7xl Pro is the ideal UTV for big jobs on the farm, construction sites, industrial plants, lumber yards, or even the hunter wanting to bring back some big game. Geared for more torque and larger loads, this is the ultimate heavy duty UTV.

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